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Off-Leash Luxury Package™

The Region currently has 4 off-leash parks where your pet can run, play and socialize with other dogs. Leash-free privileges are for dogs that are good tempered, well mannered, obedient and well socialized.  To access a leash-free park dogs must have up-to-date rabies and dog license tags.  Dogs in heat, puppies under 12 weeks old and sick dogs are to be kept out of the leash free areas.

For the good tempered and obedient dog, a leash free outing is an ideal reward, allowing the dog to run, explore and play with other dogs. The Off-Leash Luxury Package™ is a premium service and is one hour in duration.  As travel to and from the park are included in the hour, it is service best suited for those who live within 10-15 minutes of one of the existing parks.    The following off-leash parks are currently available:

McLennan Park
McKlennan Leash Free Park
Ottawa Street
- between Strasburg Rd. and Elmsdale Dr.
- Located at the back of the park
- A two acre park with half the park covered in trees.
Riverbend Drive
K-W Human Society Leash Free Park
250 Riverbend Dr.
- Located at the K-W Humane Society
Bechtel Park
Photos of Bechtel Leash Free Park
185 Bridge Street
- A five acre park.
Maple Grove Dog Park
Photos of Maple Grove Leash Free Park
Maple Grove Road
- between Speedsville Rd. and Boxwood Dr.

All persons using Off Leash Areas use the Areas at their own risk. Wagging Tails Dog Sevices, the local municipalities and the K-W Humane Society assume no responsiblility for and accept no liability for any injuries, loss or damage claimed or suffered by any person or animal related to the access and use of these Areas.

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