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Fun Ways to Tire Your Dog When Time is Tight

by Melissa Gabor, Wagging Tails Dog Services

Exercising your dog does not have to be a hardship.  It can be fun!  Here are some suggestions that have worked wonders for me and my dogs:


    These inexpensive battery-operated lasers can be purchased either at a pet store or an office supply store.  Great to use at night or in a dark space.  Both dogs and cats alike love to chase after the light.  Best of all, all you need to do is stand and point!


    Yes, well known, but often underutilized.  Tossing a ball or a stick will get your pet running and tire them out.  Have a high-energy dog?  Try a game of  Frisbee or fetch using a racket and tennis ball.


    For the food-motivated dog in your life, this is a great game.  I get my dogs out of the room, take small pieces of cookie or liver treat and hide them around the room.  This keeps your dog busy and happy.  Similarly, challenge balls (sold at all pet stores) are excellent.  Kibble is placed in the ball and the dog must roll the ball to get the kibble out


    Most dogs love the company of other dogs.  Why not get together with a neighbour and let the dogs have a good play together in the yard.  Or, like many parents, why not arrange "play dates".  Your dog will get a good play and you will get a break.

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